Trees in your yard are important for maintaining your property value, and for general curb appeal. However, mature trees and even some shrub roots can become a problem if they are near your sewer line. These roots are attracted to the sewer pipe that starts at your house and runs to the street or septic tank in the yard.

Your sewer pipe contains water, nutrients, and oxygen which are all crucial to the growth of a tree. In order to grow, your trees will seek out these elements. If the trees in your yard are anywhere near the sewer, the roots will grow toward it.

There have been many advances to pipe materials for sewer lines as time has passed. If your house is older, you may have clay or cast iron pipes to carry away waster. Pipes with these types of materials are more likely to crack or corrode over time, but even plastic can be damaged by excavation or seismic shifts.

If there is a crack opening made in a pipe, these openings become an access point for tree roots. Once plant roots enter the pipe, they grow quickly, expanding the hole and clogging the natural flow of waste to the main municipal sewer line. Over time, the sewer will clog and back up into your toilets and tubs.

Here’s how to prevent this issue, assuming you do not already have a root clog:

Find Your Sewer Line

Your home should have a cleanout in two locations: one outside the foundation wall and one within four yards of the street curb. Each cleanout has a cap on top that looks like circle with a square in the middle. If you can’t find them, search through the landscaping. If you find the caps, you can assume that the sewer pipe lays in a straight line between the two caps. If you can’t find them, call your local water department and have them mark where your pipes connect to the municipal sewer.

Find the Trees

After locating the line, determine if you have trees or bushes or hedges near this sewer line? Are the trees well established? Young trees and saplings are not generally a problem. Most of the time, trees are planted with care away from the foundation walls to avoid cracking the walls when they eventually mature and spread out. Although many trees are away from the house they are planted out on the front lawn where they can be viewed from the living room window, this often means they were placed near the sewer line.

Inspect the Sewer Line

If you’ve never had problems with your sewer, you might not think it’s necessary to have a professional sewer inspection. A lot of homeowners wait until they experience signs of trouble before they get an inspection. Such as:

  • More than one toilet backed up at the same time. It could be an internal clog or a root clog.
  • Sewer odors in the front yard. Cracks or leaks in the pipe can saturate the ground under the lawn, creating a stinky smell.
  • Sunken in areas of the lawn. Pipe breaks can erode the dirt alongside the pipe.

The problem with waiting for signs of trouble is that the situation becomes urgent and potentially more expensive. Our technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing recommend a professional sewer line inspection if:

  • Your house was built more than 15 years ago and has not recently had an inspection.
  • Mature trees are close to your sewer line.
  • You think that your sewer line pipes are based on older material such as clay or iron.
  • Your neighbors have had trouble with their sewer lines.

Our team is experienced in sewer line inspections. We understand how and when trees become problems for pipes, and we have an extensive multi-point list we run through to isolate problems.

We will feed a video camera down your pipe to really see inside the line and inspect the integrity of the pipe walls. If there are roots breaking in or already established, we’ll find them. Taking care of a root issue at this point is much less expensive. Rather than dealing with an unexpected problem, you can keep the flow of your home working as it should be, by addressing the issue early.

Root Removal and Repair

If roots have been found in your pipe there are several solutions.

  • Run a power auger down through the roots, cutting them up and flushing them down into the main sewer.
  • Kill the roots with herbicides that cling to the breach to prevent new root growth in that area. Note that this doesn’t damage the tree. It only causes the spread of roots to reroute away from the pipe crack. This is a temporary solution but can last for several years. Many of us prefer to avoid the use of herbicides, for good reason, and this may not be the optimal solution for a root problem.
  • If the root damage is severe (breaches in several places) or there are collapsed sections, it may be necessary to replace the entire sewer line. The good news is that technology has evolved and a new “trenchless sewer line” can be run without digging up the yard. There are several ways to do this, but the end product really seals the line against the incursion of roots.
  • Remove or relocate the tree. While this is often unthinkable if the tree is well established and attractive, it may be that the tree has grown too large for its space and also threatens the foundation walls, hard landscape and/or roof. Removing the tree offers an opportunity to re-landscape and plant smaller trees in more strategic locations. Some homeowners have even used the lumber to create outdoor furniture or otherwise recycled the material. In most cases, it will be better to install a new trenchless sewer line.


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