Does plumbing in your home seem overwhelming to you? Standard plumbing systems are easy to figure out once you figure out the basics.

The principles behind plumbing are simple. Plumbing follows the laws of gravity and pressure and if you understand this, you will find that you can understand a lot of what goes on with your plumbing system.

If you do have plumbing problems, it’s still best to leave the diagnosis and solution to a professional plumber. Although, having a sense of the basics of plumbing can help you appreciate was goes into caring for and maintaining plumbing in your home.


The Two Plumbing Systems: Freshwater

There are two plumbing systems in your home- freshwater in, and wastewater out.

The freshwater comes in under pressure and it should be able to rise to where it will then be accessed from the point it enters your home. Usually the freshwater pipe comes through your home’s foundation wall near the water meter.

On this line, there is a shutoff valve and if you have an emergency, such as a water pipe bursting, this valve is the one you’ll need to close to shut off all the water. You won’t always need to shut off the main water in an emergency. A lot of times, the shut off valve under the broken appliance is the only one that needs to be turned off.

Incoming water is divided into two lines. One line has water that comes in is cold and is immediately ready for use. The second line routes water to your water heater and a return line will carry the hot water appliances that require hot water. The hot water heater is regulated by a thermostat you can adjust if the water is too hot or not hot enough.


The Two Plumbing Systems: Wastewater

Water that leaves your house on its way to a sewer line is not under pressure and flows because the waste pipe system is pitched downward and allows gravity to carry the water out. The waste line, often called the “Drain Wasted Vent system” also needs:

Proper air flow, and curved, S-shaped pipes under every sink. When water drains from a skink, it does with enough force to pass through the trap but keeps the bend in the pipe filled with water so that sewer gas cannot be released into the home. The trap also collects grease and hair – the two most common substances in a clog. This prevents clogs getting farther into the system where it would be more difficult to fix.

Plumbing Fixtures

The freshwater and wastewater systems are completely separate and do not overlap. However, the two systems do interact at the plumbing fixtures. Think if it this way- a fixture draws freshwater and releases wastewater.

Most household plumbing appliances have their own shut off valves but not all of them do – such as tub faucets. Because hot water and cold water come to an outlet or fixture through separate lines, there are shut off valves for each under the sink. If you need to work on a fixture, either shut off the appliance water, or shut off the water to entire home if needed.


The Plumbing in Your Home and the Law

Many older houses experience an evolution in plumbing materials over the years. As some part of the plumbing system breaks, is replaced, or is upgraded, newer materials are used. For example, polybutylene pipes were used for water supply from 1978 until 1995 instead of the more expensive and traditional copper. But because they are prone to leaking and rupturing and develop mold, water damage and extensive indoor flooding, these pipes are no longer used for home plumbing systems. Galvanized steel water supply pipes were also common in the 1950’s, but rusting, sediment buildup on the inside (decreasing the flow of water) and joint corrosion have caused these pipes to be removed from the list of acceptable materials.


Plumbers are subject to regulation under state and local laws, and must be licensed. This is necessary because plumbing materials and technology change over time, and plumbers must follow current regulations and practices. Without laws and licensing, you could be exposed to bargain plumbing services that are dangerous, unhealthy or likely to fail. There are many rules and regulations based on best practices and consumer protection that licensed plumbers must follow. Making any extensive repairs or upgrades without following these regulations, or using an unlicensed handyman, may lead to extensive damage to your home. Also, if you decide to sell your house, non-standard plumbing that does not meet code will get caught by a home inspector and you’ll have to foot the bill to correct it.


Ben Franklin Plumbing Iowa

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