Bathroom Upgrades That Will Add Value to Your Home

Any significant bathroom upgrade requires a professional plumbing approach and a budget, based not only on what needs to be done but why. For the best results, plumbing upgrades and plumbing installations should be considered as part of an overall bathroom remodel. When accomplished with this approach, it is often possible to get a better price — and the transformation can be spectacular!

Why Do You Want to Upgrade Your Bathroom?

Many bathroom upgrades are done to improve function and modernize the style. Bathrooms are essential living spaces and play an enormous role in family comfort. In this sense, upgrading your bathroom upgrades the quality of living. Although your reasons for the upgrade are not primarily to add value, it never hurts to know what choices you have that will also add to the value of your home.

If you are upgrading your bathroom to improve home value, how you go about upgrading and how much of an upgrade you do is determined by your motivation: Upgrade it for sale, or improve the appraisal value as you continue to live in it? 

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers Cedar Rapids can provide professional guidance for your bathroom upgrade choices. We will outline a plan for every level of budget and purpose, keeping an eye on what increases value without exceeding your budget. 

Part of why we are so good at this is our full inspection of your plumbing system, the age of your pipes, signs of leakage, water pressure and other points. Then, when we upgrade your bathroom, there are fewer surprises in detaching old fixtures and installing new ones.

If you plan on living in your home for the foreseeable future, you may want to do a “deeper” renovation, one that opens up space or adds windows or a linen closet. Projects such as this require a contractor or and will increase the overall budget, but over the long term, you may get the most value. 

Here’s why: you can generally get about 50% of your costs back to you either when you sell or when the home is appraised. Now if you were to renovate and sell immediately, you may get about 50% of what you spent on the bathroom upgrade back. But if you renovate the bathroom and don’t sell, you get to enjoy that other 50% through the increased quality life you’ll experience every day – and will still achieve the 50% added on to the value of your home.

Bathroom Upgrade Primary Decisions

Before you can think about fixtures and designs, you have to make a few fundamental decisions. 

  • Are you looking for a whole new bathroom layout?
  • Do you intend to refinish the floor or walls?
  • Do you need more room in the bathroom?
  • Are you simply replacing an existing sink, shower, tub, or toilet?

Answering these questions will help you focus on exactly what kinds of fixtures will help bring your vision to life.

Common Upgrades That Add Value

  • Toilets. Toilet design has been conservative for many decades and as a result, that “boring old porcelain” has become commonplace in many homes. Upgrading the toilet with modern low-flow design adds style to a bathroom as well as helping to reduce water usage. Because toilets are one of the most durable plumbing fixtures, consider spending a bit more when you buy. 
  • Bathroom floors. They tend to show immediately two things: The cleanliness of the bathroom and how up-to-date it is. Tile floors look fantastic and add value to the bathroom, but make sure the style you like has grouting that is easy to clean. Heated floors add value – and comfort. 
  • Double sinks. Modern double sinks often look far more expensive than they are. There are many styles and sizes to fit your space and décor, but it is wise to choose a style that is easy to clean. 
  • Tubs and showers. Adding a jacuzzi not only improves your bathing experience but can be a great plus when selling. Steam showers also add value beyond their costs. 
  • Custom fixtures. Maybe you love the sink, but the faucet design is dated. There are many ways to incorporate custom designs without buying into the whole package. As a result, your bathroom can have a stronger aesthetic impact, adding value and appeal to the home.
  • Upgrading windows and skylights. Daytime natural light brings out the beauty of a bathroom and creates the illusion of space. Your upgraded plumbing fixtures stand out to their best advantage.
  • Lighting plan. A well-upgraded bathroom includes variable lighting that can go from a relaxed, subdued ambiance to a locally focused cosmetic table lighting. 
  • Cabinets and counters. If your bathroom has space, a custom vanity adds immediate value. Under-sink storage ranges from wire baskets to fully enclosed cabinets. Your return on investment often depends on the quality of the materials and the design you apply. Countertops that harmonize with your floor materials and patterns create a considerable visual impact that adds to the richness of your design.

Check With Your Realtor

Your realtor is in the business of promoting the value in every listing. They know what buyers want. They know what kinds of upgrades inspire sales and what appraisers measure in asset value. If you are upgrading but not intending to sell, it is still a good idea to get a current estimate of the market value of your home improvements.

Bathroom Upgrades: The Key Focus

A bathroom is essentially a collection of plumbing fixtures set in a nice room. Your plumbing is the core infrastructure around which your bathroom design will be created. So, look first to the fixtures and the range of styles and functionality available. Do you plan to extend the perimeter of the bathroom? If so, you want to consider moving fixture locations as long as you understand that you will be adding to your construction budget.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cedar Rapids employs highly skilled professionals who know plumbing installation is an art as well as a craft. Highly experienced installing quality fixtures, our plumbers will help you achieve your vision to a degree you may not have thought possible.


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