Faucet low pressure

Few things are as annoying in the morning as terrible water pressure. It doesn’t run as easily, it doesn’t clean things off as well, and it’s frustrating when you are in a rush to get out the door. Your low pressure could be for a few different reasons, and thankfully you can fix some of them.

Pipe Problems

The first place many amateur DIYers will think to look at is the pipes. One of your pipes may have a significant leak, which not only is a concern for water pressure, but for flooding your foundation and home as well. While there might not be a leak, you could be facing a clogged situation.


It is not uncommon for hair, soap, and other gross remains to get stuck in some of your interior-running pipes. In these cases, you’ll need to find a way to unclog them. While you may be able to guess where the plug-up is located, it may be better to hire a professional to do so. 

Backflow Issues

Another serious issue you might be facing is backflow problems. In layman’s terms, this is where secondary water (water you’ve already used) mixes with your primary, purified water source. Again, while the low water pressure is obnoxious, this is actually a sign of a much bigger issue with your home’s water functionality.


There are different types of backflow prevention devices that can be used depending on the budget of the client. Before you buy one of them, make sure that that is indeed the issue. After you do that, you are free to buy one—but make sure to consult a professional.

New Pressure Regulator

Last but not least, you might just need to install a better pressure regulator. Older homes usually face this problem more often than newer homes because they are using outdated and old technology. Your pressure regulator, if outdated, will guarantee you face the irritation of no water pressure at all times.


Check with a plumber to see if that’s all your home requires. Then buy one that works under your personal circumstances. It will all be worth it for better pressure.


All in all, your water pressure doesn’t have to linger over you for the rest of your life. Quite the opposite, in fact! You can enjoy the perfect water flow without dipping too hard into your savings. It’s all worth it!


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