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Sticky fingers, dirty feet, shed hair. These things dirty your house constantly, don’t they? Has your adorable little child or a dear family friend ever walked into the house and trapped mud onto your beautiful, white carpet? If so, you need to keep cleaning products on hand for such unfortunate events or emergencies as these.

Glass Cleaner

The potentially number one thing to get dirty in your house is the glass—windows, mirrors, and so forth. With little hands and paws running around, or with adult clients and friends in the space, the glass in your house will inevitably get dirty. Water spots, toothpaste spots, bug smudges, you name it. All are potential negative occurrences in your home. So, to reverse the negative, use glass cleaner. Many glass cleaners are water based. Look at this ingredient and other ingredients in your glass cleaner. Additionally, notice the specified intended use on the glass cleaner bottle you’re buying. Looking at said information will help you determine which cleaner is best for your house, which smell you like the best, and which cleaner will be most affordable and best for your circumstances.

Carpet Shampoo

Well, you’ve answered the question of what to do when water splashes get all over your nice glass items. But what do you do when the dog sneaks in with muddy paws? This answer is also simple: shampoo your carpet. To eliminate dust and help air flow, it’s a good idea to vacuum your carpet regularly. On top of vacuuming, having your carpets professionally shampooed is extremely beneficial. But when the popsicle falls on the carpet or the mud gets stuck in it, that’s a great time to emergency shampoo the carpet yourself. It’s simple. Do research on what steam cleaner would work best for you and your situation and then buy (or rent) that steam cleaner. Many steam cleaners come with shampoo solutions that ultimately attract more dust and dirt. So, read reviews on how well the shampoo works and decide whether to use it or just plain water. Shampooing will keep your carpet more breathable and healthier looking.

Non-Scratch Pads

Again, a disaster has happened and it’s time to clean. But don’t pull out the tough, scratchy cleaning pads! Instead, use non-scratch pads. Non-scratch pads are a great idea because they’re knit together with certain fibers in such a way that you can clean big messes without worrying about scratching the surfaces you’re cleaning. These pads are still powerful, but they don’t leave the undesired marks that forever taint the items being cleaned. In fact, using non-scratch pads to clean wooden furniture will prevent any accidental damage when polishing. To find these pads, perform a quick google search and read reviews about the best cleaning pads to get.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Along with glass cleaner, it’s important to have an all-purpose cleaner available for your use at home. This cleaner is helpful for all the little things—the little disinfecting here and there, the little spills of milk or coffee, and so forth. All-purpose cleaners can also be used on various surfaces. Use it to clean the bathroom counters, the sinks, the kitchen counters, the microwave, and so much more. With all-purpose cleaner on hand, you’re ready for most unanticipated but necessary cleanups.


A fantastic but highly underrated cleaning product you must have at home is, that’s right, a toothbrush. The reason there are so many findable pictures of homemakers on hands and knees, scrubbing floors with a toothbrush, is that it works. Toothbrushes are amazing cleaning tools. They’re a pain to handle but the small bristles combined with the closer proximity of your force to the intended cleaning spot make a toothbrush a wonderful cleaning tool and a necessary one to have on hand.

Magic Eraser

The next great tool to have in your cleaning supply box is a magic eraser. Magic erasers have mini fibers that enable them to get scuffs off of floors and sideboards. And that nasty black grime in the bottom of your bathtub? They can erase that too. After using a magic eraser, your blackened floors, tubs, walls, and so forth will look nearly clean as new. There are wonderful cleaning solutions you can purchase in tandem with the eraser, and those solutions really do make the eraser work even more like magic. So, don’t forget to add this magic eraser to your tool belt.

Microfiber Towels

Lastly, finish up your cleaning supply must-haves with microfiber towels. These towels are, as explained in the name, made of microfibers that make them versatile and scratch-free (in other words, they don’t scratch surfaces). These towels are also far more absorbent than standard towels, making them wonderful cleaning tools. Furthermore, the microfibers in the towels create a static attraction; this static attracts dust particles that would be pushed around by other towels but not picked up by them. Because dust particles actually stick to the microfiber towels, the towels make for a cleaner and more dust-free home. Eliminating the dust from your home helps you have better health and, of course, provides a cleaner aesthetic appeal to the home in general.

Keeping your house clean is rewarding but sometimes difficult. However, when you have the right cleaning tools on hand, the task seems less daunting. Though there are many helpful cleaning supplies on the market, there are some supplies that you don’t want to forget to have at easy access in your home. Purchase and restock a good glass cleaner that will erase the constant water and toothpaste spots from your mirror. Get a good carpet cleaner that can eliminate stains and pick up dust. Invest in non-scratch pads and all-purpose cleaners to seamlessly clean all counters, sinks, chairs, and even toilets. As crazy as it sounds, get a toothbrush that you use strictly for cleaning to clean even the small cracks and crevices in your house. Purchase a magic eraser with a strong solution to erase scuff marks and black grime. And finally, use microfiber towels to dust and wipe up water and spills. With this cleaning toolkit, you’ll be prepared for any stain or spill.

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