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    Do you need professional plumbing work performed quickly? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Eastern Iowa is Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities’ favorite choice for quality plumbing work and prompt customer service. With us, you can have better ways to spend your time than stressing over plumbing tasks.

    We handle installations, renovations, maintenance, and repairs, and offer reliable emergency plumbing services. Our experienced, licensed plumbers in Iowa’s cities can do it all.

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    Emergency Plumbing Iowa City

    Does Your Home Need Emergency Plumbing?

    Emergency plumbing in Iowa City, Iowa is an essential process for a large number of reasons. First of all, it can help you when dangerous plumbing accidents expose your home and your family to excessive levels of water. This concern may not be that big for many people but is something critical to consider because it can be trickier to solve than you may expect at first.

    Controlling Basement Floods

    Basement floods are a problem that can be either persistent or occasional in many homes. For example, some people experience water in their basement every time that it rains. This may require a sump that can remove this water and take it out of a home. However, others may experience unexpected floods in a finished basement that needs the help of an emergency plumbing expert to finish.

    First of all, these experts will come to your home and figure out where the flood has developed. Usually, a flood in a finished basement is due to a burst or loose pipe that they can quickly fix. Then, they can help with water removal and other steps, though they may have to outsource some water remediation if this process is not entirely within their expertise.

    That said, you may want to call emergency help even if the flood does not occur in a finished basement. That’s because even unfinished basements can be damaged by water. This water flow will cause excessive mold and bacteria growth and can also trigger pest invasions. Therefore, it is essential to talk to emergency plumbers who can do what is necessary to manage this concern right away.

    The Dangers of Burst Pipes

    The plumbing system of a home is designed to be healthy and resilient against many types of common problems. However, there is always a chance that you may end up experiencing a burst pipe. This common issue typically occurs when a person does not correctly insulate their pipes during the winter. The cold temperatures of this season can cause the water inside of the tubes to expand and burst out the side.

    This problem can also occur if undue pressure is put on the pipe, such as through various types of unnecessary clogs or other issues. Thankfully, emergency plumbing can help you here in many ways. First of all, these experts are trained to get to a home quickly and to assess and issue as it occurs. This benefit is crucial because burst pipes may cause dangerous floods in your home.

    And when they get to your house, they’ll take the time to do a quick patch of the pipe to stop the water from flowing or turn off the water, first, to make repairs easier. Most repairs of this type typically require a complete replacement of the burst pipe because the crack is often too big to patch. However, a temporary match may help in some cases, mainly if repairs aren’t immediately possible.

    Clogs That Trigger Bad Smells

    Few people think that a clog in a drain is an emergency. And in many cases, a clog is not something that requires emergency care. That said, though, clogs can become dangerous if they are left to worsen. And in some cases, they can even become emergencies that require professionals to come to your home right away to manage the danger of this issue properly.

    For example, consistent and persistent clogs can cause a water flow issue that can make your home dangerous if the water comes out of your sink. Clogged drains can also cause excessive pressure on your pipes and damage them and surrounding plumbing elements. As a result, it is usually crucial to contact an emergency plumber right away to get the help that you need to prevent damage.

    Another reason to call a plumber quickly is if you have multiple drains that are clogged, especially drains that don’t get much use. This can be a sign that you have a clog in your sewer system that could cause significant damage if it is not addressed quickly.

    Another clue that you need emergency plumbing help is if you notice bad smells that are connected to your toilet or sinks. These bad smells indicate that the clog is significant and that it has been present long enough for organic material to rot. Therefore, you need to call an expert right away because these smells can indicate the danger of a more serious plumbing problem that could hit at any time.

    Water Control Issues With a Toilet

    Most of the time, when a toilet backs up, it is usually quite easy to remove the clog by using a plunger. However, persistent and consistent backup may be symptomatic of a more pressing issue, one that must be addressed appropriately and fixed ASAP to avoid any problems. For example, an overflowing toilet is a danger that an emergency plumbing expert should manage instead of you.

    That’s because the water that comes out of your toilet is not safe to the touch. It has been contaminated with fecal matter, urine, and much more. And if the water has flowed up from your septic tank or further, it could even bring up sewage, which has many types of bacteria that you must watch out for, or else you may end up getting sick due to excessive exposure to these dangerous elements.

    Emergency plumbers understand these dangers and will do what they can to avoid spreading any bacteria. First of all, they wear protective gear that keeps them from getting infected with bacteria. And then they will clean up the water to ensure that it doesn’t spread any further. They use disinfecting chemicals at this point to make a home safe and then fix the clog to keep your home safe.

    Don’t Neglect Emergency Care

    As you can see, emergency plumbing in Iowa City, Iowa is essential as a way of protecting you from various types of health issues. So if you suffer from any of these problems and want to manage them properly, please call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We have served Iowa for years and are fully dedicated to helping you and others like you in these disasters.

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