thaw frozen pipes
Frozen Pipes and What To Do?

The best way to deal with frozen pipes is to prevent them from happening. Frozen pipes can eventually lead to a burst in the piping. Burst water pipes in the winter is a common insurance claim, and can cost your home thousands of dollars in damages, because when a pipe bursts it is followed by a flooding of water. This post today will walk you through some of the questions you might be asking yourself in regards to freezing or frozen pipes.

Proper Maintenace: Making An Effort Prevent Frozen Pipes Altogether

Keep an eye out in your home on which pipes are more likely to freeze than others.

  • Any pipes located on the outside of the home – exposed to the weather conditions
  • Exposed pipes in unheated or uninsulated areas

Garden hoses – Water in gardening hoses can easily freeze and cause damage to an interior pipe in the process. Water in the hose freezes and puts excess pressure on the entire plumbing system. To deal with this, before the winter rears its head, make sure you properly disconnect, drain, and store your water hoses inside.

Get a frost proof spigot – If you are unable to get a frost proof spigot then take these steps to prevent pipe freezing from the water in the spigot.

  • Close interior shut-off valve leading to the spigot
  • Open and drain the spigot
  • Install an insulator

Pipes in unheated or uninsulated areas – buying a foam pipe insulation works relatively well, they are affordable at any hardware store and will protect your exposed pipes from moderate weather.

Going on vacation? – Shut off the main water valve then open and run all faucets and toilets till the water is drained from each fixture and piping.

Too Late For Maintenance: My Pipes Have Burst

If your pipes have already burst and you are dealing with a flood in your home, then you are now officially dealing with a plumbing emergency.

  • Shut off the main water supply valve to reduce the flooding as much as possible
  • Call a Benjamin Franklin Plumber!

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