Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

what can you put down a garbage disposal


We’ve all said it.

“Just throw it down the garbage disposal, it will be fine….”

But contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t actually throw everything down your home’s beloved garbage disposal just to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, many of us discover this household rule just a little bit too late – you know, after you hear that horrible sound of something rattling as it gets swallowed up by your kitchen sink. Oops!

So what are the golden garbage disposal rules you should follow moving forward to keep this household appliance in the best shape possible? This helpful guide will help answer the question we all ask ourselves when we’re washing dishes: “what can you put in a garbage disposal?”

Garbage Disposal Maintenance: How to Look After This Kitchen Appliance

When it comes to garbage disposal proper use, here are a few things you should definitely do:

  • Throw in some dish soap! Garbage disposals love dish soap. Squeeze some in, run some cold water through it and turn it on for about 15 seconds to give it a good clean.
  • Water is a garbage disposal’s best friend. Any time the water is flowing through it, it’s cleansing it and flushing things down.
  • Toss in a few ice cubes every now and then. Doing so allows the ice cubes to knock off any debris that may be hanging around.
  • If you’d like to add a nice smell, squeeze some lemon juice into your disposal for a pleasant, clean aroma. You can also use lemon or orange peels for the same effect.

What Happens if You Abuse Your Garbage Disposal?

Now, let’s answer this question: what can’t you put down a garbage disposal?

  • Don’t ever pour oil, fat or grease down your garbage disposal. When grease cools, it hardens and will clog your drain.
  • Don’t put rice or pasta down your garbage disposal. Why? Because when these food items get wet, they expand – which could cause irritating clogs.
  • Keep the eggshells away! Eggshells tend to get caught on garbage disposal blades and can cause major headaches over time.
  • Any food that have fiber strands, like potatoes, lettuce, onion skins, asparagus, or celery can also get caught on garbage disposal blades. Compost these items – do not put them down your beloved garbage disposal!

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cedar Rapids Can Repair Your Garbage Disposal

Whether these garbage disposal do’s and garbage disposal don’ts are tips you already knew or whether this is brand new information, it’s always a good idea to have a trusted plumbing company you can rely on, just in case you need a helping hand.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cedar Rapids has an experienced team of plumbers with decades of expertise successfully performing garbage disposal repair

And on top of fixing or replacing your garbage disposal – depending on the extent of the damage – our Cedar Rapids team guarantees you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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So the next time you’re about to put something down your garbage disposal, remember this – when in doubt, throw it out!