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    Garbage Disposals Waterloo

    Garbage Disposals Help Your Home Efficiency

    A growing number of homes in Waterloo, Iowa use garbage disposals to handle a large amount of food waste. This step is a wise one and can help you out in many ways that you may not consider. As a result, if you don’t own one of these tools, you may want to consider getting one installed in your home. We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help you beneficially meet this goal.

    Helps to Eliminate Excessive Food Waste

    People often don’t realize how much food they throw away every day. This problem is one that is easy to take for granted in a first-world country but is very problematic because all that food has to end up somewhere. Usually, it ends up in a dump or a landfill, where it attracts disease-carrying rodents and birds that may cause health issues for those who work at these facilities.

    Thankfully, garbage disposals help with this process by taking control of your excessive food waste. Instead of throwing food in the garbage, you can grind it up at the end of the meal. As a result, you won’t have to use as much room in your garbage container, which can help to save plastic by filling up your bags less frequently and making it less necessary to change out the bags.

    And this step also helps to make it less necessary for you to take your garbage out because rotting food is the most common factor in bad garbage smells. As a result, it is usually more comfortable for you to avoid taking out the trash every day, although you may still want to take this step if your container fills up quickly enough. Thankfully, food disposals can help make this need less intense.

    Stop Bad Kitchen Smells

    We already briefly touched on the bad smells that rotting food can cause in a kitchen. However, this problem is one that extends far beyond your garbage. For example, if your dishes have a way of piling up at the end of every day, you might not have the energy to wash them. Unfortunately, this might mean that there is a lot of food hanging out on these plates and around your sink.

    As a result, garbage disposals are necessary for your kitchen. You and your family can wash your excess food down into the disposal, grind it up, and wash it away. As a result, your kitchen won’t have that potent odor that it may have at the end of the day. And these odors are essential to eliminate not just for your comfort but for the health protection of your family and loved ones as well.

    That’s because various types of flies and other insects are attracted by rotting food and may flock to your kitchen to lay eggs or eat. Unfortunately, this means that you could get a lot of fruit flies or other pests in your kitchen. These annoying pests can be not only distracting but may spread diseases – for example, mice can spread dangerous conditions like hantavirus and even the plague.

    Help Keep Your Pipes Strong

    Over time, it is very easy for food waste to wash down your pipes and cause damage. This problem is typically an issue for those who don’t have garbage disposals because they wash off their plates and don’t realize how much food is getting down the drain. When this happens, rotting food is likely to collect somewhere down the drain with a myriad of other items to cause a severe clog.

    Clogs in the pipes of a home often trigger a spread of damage that may cause more issues with your pipes than you might expect. For example, a clog may cause a pipe to burst if enough pressure is put upon its interior. Even worse, there is a good chance that a clog will cause damage to spread throughout the rest of a plumbing system and create a surprising amount of issues with your plumbing.

    As a result, you need to get a disposal to handle all of this food. A disposal breaks apart food particles and collects it in one place to ensure that you don’t damage your pipes later. You can then clean out the disposal unit to keep it operating smoothly. You may need the help of a professional who can handle this type of cleaning, so be prepared to talk to an expert who can handle these needs.

    Protect Your Wallet

    Lastly, proper garbage disposals can save you more money than you might expect. For example, consider your garbage needs, as mentioned before – you’ll be buying a lot fewer garbage bags than usual. And if your waste services charge extra for each load they take, you can save yourself even more money by ensuring that you aren’t spending a lot of cash on this removal service.

    And protecting your plumbing in this way will also help to save you money. You won’t have to pay nearly as much for plumbing repairs and maintenance and won’t have to buy clog removers or other products, either. Make sure that you pay attention to your disposal maintenance, though, to ensure that you don’t run into any complications when working with your machine, either.

    Even better: homes with garbage disposals are usually worth more money than those that don’t have them. The extra money that they add may not be more than a few hundred dollars, understand, but small changes like these can enhance your home’s value in many ways. As a result, you may want to upgrade your kitchen with one of these tools – and many others – to make your home worth more.

    How We Can Help You Out

    As you can see, Waterloo, Iowa garbage disposals can provide your home with a high-quality level of waste management that you can’t get in any other way. So if you’re interested in installing or repairing one of these items, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing right away to get the help that you need. We’ll do what we can to help you to keep your home secure.

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