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    Do you need professional plumbing work performed quickly? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Eastern Iowa is Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities’ favorite choice for quality plumbing work and prompt customer service. With us, you can have better ways to spend your time than stressing over plumbing tasks.

    We handle installations, renovations, maintenance, and repairs, and offer reliable emergency plumbing services. Our experienced, licensed plumbers in Iowa’s cities can do it all.

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    Plumbing Installation Davenport

    Considering Plumbing Installation for a New Home

    One of the many challenges that new homeowners in the Davenport area face is sorting out plumbing installation needs. After all, without a proper plumbing system in place, your property can’t be seen as functional. Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we help new homeowners secure the best deals possible, meeting all their installation, repair, and maintenance requirements.

    All-New Fixtures or Existing Expansion?

    When moving into a new place, you might be considering a full tear-out of existing fixtures and an installation of brand new plumbing. In some cases, the more affordable alternative is adapting the existing fixtures and replacing only those that no longer work. Old plumbing fixtures are sometimes surprisingly resilient; they can be upgraded to include a number of unique expansions or enhancements.

    Let’s take the bathroom as an example. You could take out the old bathtub and install a new model instead, instantly making the space feel more luxurious. Soaking tubs include deeper sitting areas that help to make it easier for you to relax without taking up more room. This seemingly minor decision as part of the overall plumbing installation process might provide a hot-tub-equivalent without taking up extra space.

    In case you don’t want a soaking tub, or can’t fit it into the bathroom, perhaps a multi-head shower would do? These can be great additions, ensuring a thorough cleaning without added difficulty. They’re particularly useful for young children, who might find the standard showerhead out of reach or otherwise difficult to use.

    Don’t Forget the Sinks

    The sink is one of the most important elements of any given bathroom, blending functionality with style. A quality plumbing installation process can upgrade the existing sinks, making them more attractive and easier to use. But what kind of sink should you integrate into your home, using what kind of materials?

    Pedestal sinks made out of marble or a marble-emulating product are always a popular choice. Some homeowners instead choose to install multi-sink tops, if there is enough space available. Our plumbing installation experts will offer their insight, helping you make the right call that suits the specifics of your property.

    Of course, the materials used in sink installation should complement those used in the rest of the area. For example, a traditional bathroom may require you to use a wood-equivalent material for framing the sink. But you could also employ tiling or similar materials to produce a similar effect. Make sure to spend the time balancing your needs with those of your pocketbook to avoid unnecessary complications!

    Better Styles With New Tiles

    Often seen as peripheral to a plumbing installation process, floor tiling should always be taken seriously. Tile enhancements are an easy way to add a little life to your remodeling project, but you could also opt for changing all the tiles at once, saving time and money long-term. Brand new tiles can provide a protective layer to the floor of your kitchen or bathroom. But remember – over time, water damage to these areas is almost inevitable, which is why maintenance and repair are of paramount importance.

    Still, a thorough tile installation can both protect and invigorate your space in a way that few upgrades could. We recommend that you spend extra here if at all possible, keeping your floors strong and protected for years to come.

    Advantages of Thorough Plumbing Installation

    Of course, old buildings with too many leaking pipes are often not worth the trouble of a partial upgrade. In these cases, tearing out all existing fixtures and doing a full plumbing installation from scratch may be the best option. This goes for residential properties and commercial buildings alike. Our certified plumbers can guide you through the process, carefully managing every element of your brand new installation. From flow-control valves to various output pipes to drain tubes and much more – any of these upgrades can be critically important in an attempt to delay or prevent future deterioration.

    This “blank slate” approach to plumbing installation may seem like it would take a long time or be incredibly expensive. Indeed, it often costs more than making partial adjustments and enhancements. However, there is no substitute for thoroughness when it comes to plumbing. A brand new installation will be more than worth the money you spend, adding value to your property as a whole.

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    Interested in what plumbing installation options are available for your Davenport property? Reach out to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and we’ll talk you through it. Our certified installers and technicians have years of experience in their respective fields, and fully understand what your home requires. We will do all we can to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your new home’s plumbing system.

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