Sewer Line Cleanout

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Eastern Iowa offers residential sewer and drain cleaning services, and all our plumbers are accompanied with years of industry experience. It is not surprising that our drains clog up because they accumulate large amounts of build up over time.

Our pipes and drains are met with many of our used toiletries, toothpaste, hair, soap, fats, detergents, and grime each and every day. With all these items making their way through our pipes and drains, our drains might be overwhelmed and experience a common problem known as the blockage. Therefore, sewer line cleanout is a must, especially for homeowners who notice signs of clogged drains.

Early signs of a possible clogged drain occurring are usually when your fixtures being to drain slowly. You may also notice unusual gurgling sounds or odors emanating from your drains, indicating a potential blockage in the system. If left unaddressed, these early warning signs can escalate into more serious drainage issues, leading to potential backups and costly repairs.

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Eastern Iowa, we offer the residential drain cleaning expertise that you can count on within the Cedar Rapids area. We will clear your drain in no time, and make sure you have your fixtures working properly while keeping your home clean once we are done.
Standard clogged drains we encounter every so often are:
  • Clogged Kitchen Drains
  • Clogged Shower Drains
  • Clogged Bathroom Sinks
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Floor Drains: Commonly located in basements, garages & laundry
If you believe you are experiencing a clogged drain, do not hesitate to call a Benjamin Franklin Plumber: (319) 365-6792!

Sewer Cleaning for Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sewer line cleaning is a more serious issue and should be regarded as a plumbing emergency. Sewer drain clogs can cause water to back up into the household, simply because the water has nowhere else to go. Signs of a sewer line clog:
  • Multiple fixtures are clogged – Check your toilet and tub to see if they are both clogged, sewer line issues can commonly be spotted with problems with the toilet
  • Fixtures affecting other fixtures – When you flush the toilet does it back up, or water begins to come up and into the tub? Does running the sink cause the toilet to bubble? These are signs of a sewer line clog.
  • All drains are running slowly
  • Gurgling sounds from waste pipes
Why Choose Us? We are Cedar Rapids’ Best Plumbers!
  • At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cedar Rapids, we are straightforward about our prices.
  • Benjamin Franklin Cedar Rapids clean up when the job is done and are respectful of your home.
  • “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00.
For the trusted sewer and drain cleaning service that Cedar Rapids can depend on, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cedar Rapids today at (319) 365-6792 or request an appointment. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Cedar Rapids also offers residential sewer and drain cleaning services for the cities of Davenport, Waterloo, Marion, and surrounding areas.
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