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    Sump Pump Installation Iowa City

    Why You Shouldn’t Do DIY Sump Pump Installation

    The best sump pump installation can provide your home in Iowa City with the protection that it needs from excessive water flow. A good sump pump like this should last you decades without repair. However, you should never try to do this type of installation on your own. That’s because these pumps can be rather challenging to install because of their unique operation method.

    Getting a Spot That Works

    Though it may not seem immediately apparent at first, sump pump installation starts out with you trying to find a spot to put the pump. This process may not seem as if it would be too incredibly tricky – usually, most people their sump pump in the basement where it can remove water more efficiently. However, you’re going to need to be more careful than that.

    Simply put, you need to inspect the basement to find where the water tends to collect the most on the floor. Usually, this is a low spot that naturally descends to a specific spot. While you can generally watch for the area where water tends to pool on the floor, you need to make sure that your floor also properly descends there to ensure you get the most water.

    As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll need to change the level of your floor to ensure that your sump pump accurately collects and removes water. In most cases, this process will require you to work with a professional who fully understands what can be a rather challenging and complex part of the installation process in your home.

    Creating a Collection Zone

    Once you have found a spot that works for your sump pump installation, you’ll need to dig a hole in your floor where you can place the pump. This hole will collect the water in your basement and allow the sump pump to remove it carefully. Typically, you’ll need to dig a hole that is six inches deeper and wider than the sump to make it easier to install.

    At this point, you might think that you are done and that you can put your sump pump in the hole. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. Instead, you need to add at least three inches of gravel on the bottom of the hole. Why do you do this? It helps the pump settle more efficiently and provides a protective layer for water as well.

    Now, you can place the sump pump in the hole and carefully balance it so that it is level on the gravel. This is where professionals become so important. They can make sure that the pump is entirely level to prevent water flow problems. Then, you need to pour more gravel around the sump’s sides to balance it even more and keep it firmly in the hole.

    Add the Rest of the Pump Mechanics

    Now that your sump pump has adequately settled into the hole, you need to start adding the mechanics that help the pump work properly. Sump pump installation at this point is usually going to seem a bit simpler than it might be in reality. That’s because you need to add various types and other elements that help to make the pump work correctly.

    First of all, you need to add the male adapter to the PVC discharge pipe. This step will require you to cut away PVC pipe and screw on the adapter in a way that may cause some people to strip out the threads by accident. Beyond this, you also need to place the female adapter on the pump and then screw a one-quarter-inch hole into the discharge pipe above the pump.

    This “weep hole” lets water flow back to the pump, as necessary, to keep it primed and ready to operate. Next, you need to install the check valve to the pump, which requires you to add the electrical cord to the discharge pipe, tying it down for maximum strength. Now, the hardest part comes – knowing where to send your water.

    Find a Spot to Take The Waste Water

    Now, to end the sump pump installation process, it is time to run the water away from your home. You need to take the one and one-half inch PVC pipe and use pressurized fittings to hold it to the pump. Then, you need to find a way to take the pipeline away from your home. Many people drill a hole through the wall of their basement or take it through the window.

    Often, you’ll need to hang the pipe from joists after you run it vertically along the wall. Don’t worry – the pump is strong enough to take the water out of the basement quite easily. Make sure to add sealant to the hole to ensure that the pipe not only doesn’t move but that more water doesn’t enter the house from the hole.

    At this point, you should run the pipe as far from your house as possible. If you live in a rural area, there should be plenty of room for you to put the pipe. However, those in urban spots may find it more difficult because there will be more congestion. As a result, it may be necessary to put the pipe in a tub to collect the water and to empty the container, as needed.

    Don’t Neglect Professional Help

    As you can see, the best sump pump installation in Iowa City can give your home the high-quality protection that you need to avoid excessive water spread. However, you need to make sure that you work with experts who you can trust to do a great job. And we at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can do that job for you. So call us now to get started – you won’t regret your decision.

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