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It is so easy to get carried away in your office building. You have clients to meet, products to sell, and teams to motivate. However, one thing you might not be thinking about is the building’s integrity. You are likely to face some plumbing problems and handling them well can save your company a lot of trouble.

Don’t Wait Until It Gets Really Bad

As soon as you discover the minor signs of water damage, you should call a professional. Oftentimes, people will become so preoccupied with their other responsibilities that the plumbing becomes a lower priority. However, small problems—over time—can become monumental issues that affect your employees and your checkbook.

Pay attention to any preliminary signs of water damage. Small leaks near the bathrooms may erupt, for example. In these cases, it is important that you don’t wait. Contact a plumber at the first signs of an issue. They can take a look at your pipes and make small adjustments immediately.

Have Your Pipes Clearly Labeled

Another way you can become more responsible is by knowing the basics of plumbing yourself. One recommendation (or requirement in most areas) you should be aware of is labeling all of your pipes. Being in compliance with ANSI pipe color codes helps you stay in compliance with OSHA standards for identifying piping systems.

It also helps if you plan on DIYing some of the minor plumbing issues. You can easily look up the pipes you are having problems with or explain your situation to people who understand the problems even better. Labeling makes the job easier for anybody involved!

Listen to What They Tell You

One of the best pieces of advice you can keep is to always listen to the professionals. It may be difficult to take their advice—particularly for people who have a decent understanding of plumbing. However, the professionals are updated on the latest practices, and their advice makes your life easier.

It is a smart decision to get an audit performed at your place of work at least once a year. However, if you want to be assured that your business is in good hands, it may be wise to get it done more than that. This is true especially if your building is older.

Overall, your plumbing problems can easily be taken care of. All it takes is some preparation and planning, and you can prevent your business from accidentally flooding. An annual fee is a small price to pay for preventing potential flood damage.

If your business is having plumbing problems, we can help! Contact us today to schedule a service.

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