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    Water Softener Cedar Rapids

    Is a Water Softener Necessary for Your Home?

    Over the years, you’ve heard claims that water softener devices are critical for maintaining a healthy home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You have considered getting one of these items for your home to see if it can help you out. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we believe that these tools are essential for homes in the following situations.

    Do You Have Scales on Your Pipes?

    Hard water is a problem that can be very troubling and challenging for many homeowners to handle. For example, hard water can cause a lot of issues with your home that may cause complications with your life. You may find that your showers are challenging because the soap sticks to your skin and is hard to remove.

    Even worse, hard water also puts scales on your plumbing and can cause a lot of severe damage. For example, the heavy minerals contained within hard water can cause deposits to spread throughout your plumbing that can make your pipe more brittle and more likely to break apart and cause water to circulate through your home.

    As a result, you may want a water softener to help remove these minerals to protect your plumbing. So make sure to spend time examining your pipes to ensure that you don’t run into any problems. You may notice this scaling the most around the showerhead because the water often sticks to this area more often than other areas.

    You Keep Scratching

    Although you may not see scaling on your pipes, there’s a chance that the hard Cedar Rapids water still necessitates a water softener. Often, hard water is not heavy enough to cause mineral deposits to appear on your pipes. Therefore, the easiest way to diagnose this situation is to pay attention to the feeling of your skin when you get out of the water.

    For example, hard water can cause your skin to dry out, and your hair becomes very itchy. When this happens, you’re going to end up with dry skin, a lot of dry scalp issues, and even problems with dandruff that can spread massively throughout your head. And if this happens to you, make sure to get a softener to manage this issue.

    There are many ways that you can use this softener in your home. First of all, you can place a device on your water supply to soften all of the water that comes into your home. Or you can add a softener on specific areas, such as your shower or your kitchen sink, to ensure that you get the soft water that you need for your use.

    Are Your Clothes Changing Colors?

    Did you know that hard water can cause your clothes to fade or even change the color of your garments? This problem is a widespread and frustrating one and can damage your wardrobe in many different ways. For example, you may end up with clothes that do not match your ordinary color design concepts.

    Even worse, very hard water may contain enough minerals to damage the fabrics of your clothes. Though this damage is typically nowhere near as intense as other types of issues, it can be a concern because it may cause stray threads to break loose on your clothes and make them unravel.

    As a result, you may want a water softener attached to your clothes washing machine. Many people take this step because they want to protect their clothes from severe damage. Don’t neglect to consider other areas for softeners, though – we still suggest adding one to your water supply for the best effect.

    Your Water Bill Keeps Getting Higher

    Your water bill shouldn’t be that expensive because water costs are typically quite reasonable in most cities. However, there is a good chance that hard water may cause your costs to go up and up every month. That’s because increasing scaliness will make it harder for water to flow through your pipes and require more pressure to manage.

    Even worse, hard water may be damaging your pipes and causing small leaks that you don’t detect that easily at first. As a result, it is essential to keep track of your water bill and to gauge any sudden increases. As a water bill is typically the most stable in your home, a surprise increase usually is indicative of hard water.

    Thankfully, a water softener can help out here by helping to minimize scaling in your pipes and to make water easier to flow through your pipes. Typically, you’ll need to get a pipe cleaner to destroy the scales on your pipes to enhance water flow even further. This step is critical and can ensure that you save good money.

    Get the Help You Need

    So if you want a water softener that will help your home in Cedar Rapids stay strong, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today. Our experts fully understand the unique demands that installing one of these devices creates. We can adjust all designs to ensure that your water is as soft as possible and protected from a myriad of hard-water concerns.

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