Water Softeners Cedar Rapids

Water Softeners & Filters Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Have you been thinking about getting a water filtration system or installing a water softener? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing performs water filtration installation Cedar Rapids homeowners count on to filter and soften their home’s water.

Water Softeners Cedar Rapids Can Trust

Our technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cedar Rapids will find out how much water you use and test the mineral level of your household’s water. We’ll find the best spot to install your system and help you choose the new water conditioner to best meet your family’s needs. A water conditioner converts hard water to soft water by using salt or potassium and resin beads to draw calcium and magnesium out of the water. Say goodbye to soap scum, mineral buildup on your shower heads, and sediment in tea kettles.

Water Purification for Cedar Rapids, Iowa

An efficient water filtration installation can remove chlorine, fluoride, sediment, and algae from your home’s water. With so many different water purification systems available, we can find the right one for your home. Choose from many various options for water purification systems including point of use or whole home systems, reverse osmosis and distillation systems or ultraviolet disinfection. Whether you want to filter every drop of water that enters your property or just provide purified drinking water for the kitchen, we have the option that will work for you.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Guarantees:

  • Written estimates and straightforward pricing on all of our plumbing services including water-softening systems and water purification systems.
  • Our experienced expert plumbers make sure your water softening system is installed correctly.
  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing guarantees our installations for one year
  • Don’t waste your day! We are on time, “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00.

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Cedar Rapids also offers residential water treatment services for the cities of Davenport, Waterloo, Marion and surrounding areas.

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