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You’ve probably noticed the unmistakable indicators of impending clogs in your kitchen or bathroom sink without giving them much thought. The toilet needs to be plunged more frequently or the water drains a little more slowly. Even while it may not seem like a huge concern now, those minor issues could later turn into a serious plumbing disaster.


Regular professional drain cleaning can prevent these issues from occurring and end up saving you a ton of money over time. Keeping your drains clear of obstructions and conducive to drainage has numerous advantages for your house and your family. The benefits are unlimited, but we’ve listed the major ones below.


Regular drain cleaning eliminates nasty odors

Your bathtub contains organic materials like soap scum and hair. You clean your bathroom sink of dirt, grime, and other things. These things become stuck in the pipes and start to deteriorate as bacteria eat them away. This may cause unpleasant odors to rise from the drains. No one wants to take a shower in a stinky swamp of a bathroom. 


These organic substances are removed from the pipes through drain cleaning, which also lessens or gets rid of the smell—without having to hold your nose, you can wash your dishes or take a shower.


Prevents Clogging 

Imagine flushing the toilet only for the water to spill out and cover the bathroom floor. It could be a significant headache if you let a slow drain clog. You can’t wash your hands, do the dishes, or take a bath without drainage. You can try to plunge, but if the blockage is hard to move, it won’t. 


You may try using an over-the-counter drain cleaner, but many contain strong chemicals that can be harmful to your health and the environment if used improperly. 


Regular drain cleaning prevents obstructions and sewage backup worries by keeping your drains clear.


Protects your walls and floors

Your flooring and walls get wet when a clogged sink or toilet overflows. They might sustain water damage because they weren’t built to withstand that. Plaster and wallpaper on your walls might be damaged by water seeping under the tile. 


They lose their structural integrity when mold grows on them. It is expensive to replace specific walls and floors, and if the blockage persists, it will keep happening. 


The stress of a clog is eliminated by regular drain cleaning. It prevents damage to the floors or walls. If they are not exposed to water, they can endure for years without experiencing any issues.


Defends your family from bacteria and mold

We previously spoke about how bacteria decompose organic stuff which then produces unpleasant odors. Slow drains, especially clogged drains are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. They will continue to grow if there isn’t enough water flow to regularly rinse them away. 


Mold and bacteria can harm the health of your family. Due to exposure to these organisms, they are susceptible to a wide range of diseases, infections, and other issues. Some molds have the potential to be fatal or to cause serious breathing issues.


A clear drain prevents the growth of germs and fungi. Since the conditions required for their growth are no longer present, you need not be concerned about exposure. This is why it’s crucial to wipe up any water that may have gotten on the bathroom floor since it could cause harm and encourage the formation of mold.


Helps you save money (over time)

The cost is one of the main deterrents for consumers from using drain cleaning services. A plumber cannot visit your home without charge. What individuals don’t realize is that plumbing expenditures related to leaky drains or water damage are much more than the price of routine drain cleaning. 


When you take into account the problems that obstructions cause, the cost of a plumber visiting your house and cleaning your drains is really little. A clog in your drain that is close to the front is annoying, but if the obstruction is farther in the pipe and underground, they could need to hire an Earthmover.


Clogs can cause leaks, and digging up a pipe in the ground is the only option to replace it. Both the price and the inconvenience are higher than the total cost of a regular professional drain cleaning service. 


Maintains your pipes properly

Chemical, grease and other substance accumulation in your pipes over time can result in corrosion and leaks. A minor leak is a nuisance that needs to be remedied right away. A significant leak is terrible. 


These chemicals take time to destroy the pipes. Drain cleaning gets rid of chemical buildup, preventing it from corroding the pipes. 


Pipes with proper care can operate trouble-free for decades. In a few years, the pipes would need to be replaced if chemicals corrode them. You’ll be responsible for paying for replacement, which can entail taking out flooring and walls.


Improves Drainage

Slow drainage is one of the early indicators of an imminent obstruction. They are a bother as well. Because the drain cannot keep up with the water flow into the shower, showers must be taken less frequently. It is an unpleasant job to plunge into toilets multiple times per week or even every day. 


These inconveniences are eliminated when you hire a professional to clean your drains. You don’t have to worry about overflowing sinks or toilets because the water drains swiftly. Nobody wants their shower to be cut short due to a water problem. You should be able to enjoy a hot shower on your schedule, not that of your slow drain.


Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services in Waterloo 

Don’t let a stubbornly clogged drain put your home at risk of being damaged and incurring hefty replacement fees. Though a small problem at first seems, excessively clogged drains can be a plumbing nightmare. 


Professional drain cleaning prevents clogs in your home and ultimately saves you money. Feel free to browse our website for additional details regarding plumbing and drain cleaning. We’re here to help! 

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